Maj 2011 - Sprejemanje nominacij (1. krog)

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Re: Maj 2011 - Sprejemanje nominacij (1. krog)

PrispevekNapisal/-a Dark angel » 09 maj 2011, 15:10

Upam, da nisem že prepozna...

Dajem isto kot v prejšnjem:

Brent Weeks - Way of Shadows
Colleen Gleason - The rest falls away
Mari Mancusi - Boys That Bite
Jocelynn Drake - Nightwalker
Scott Westerfeld - Uglies

In dodatno še:

Red Riding Hood
The Demon Trapper's Daughter
Demon Kissed
Book of Shadows
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Re: Maj 2011 - Sprejemanje nominacij (1. krog)

PrispevekNapisal/-a Ever » 09 maj 2011, 21:01

The Demon Trappers Daughter 5
Along for the ride 4
Demon Kissed 4
Book of Shadows 3
My Blood Approves 3

Through Violet Eyes 3
Suicide Notes 3

Shadow Hills 2
The Gathering 2
His Eyes
Thing I know about love 2
Uglies 2
Halfway to the Grave 2
Skintight 2
Wither 2
Not that kind of girl 2
By the time you read this I'll be dead 2
Red Riding Hood 2

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