Porcelain Girl

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Porcelain Girl

PrispevekNapisal/-a Story » 22 avg 2013, 12:50

Okej, z blagoslovom Ever sem se odločila, da tut js objavim kakšen del svoje knjige. :mrgreen: Ker se mi zdi, da postajam že kar nadležna z nadlegovanjem frendov, če bi kaj prebral in mi dal feedback, se obračam na vas, ker vem, da punce ful berete in mi boste po pravici povedale, kaj se vam zdi. Dobrodošla vsa mnenja in konstruktivne kritike (teh bom ful vesela).

Pišem v bistvu trilogijo v angleščini in slovenščini, tukaj bom objavljala v angleščini, ker se mi zdi, da nam je vsem bližje. Ne bom preveč povedala o vsebini, je pa mystery/thriller/mal erotice/romance/drama.

If you think that sounds good, keep on reading! (Pretty please?) :026:


Too bad, so sad

It is with deep sadness and regret that we inform you of the passing of our dear daughter and friend, Lara Lake. We will give our farewell to the beloved in the Church of Mary Magdalene on Quimby Boulevard 22 on the 7th of June 2013 at 9 a.m. sharp.

The day had come and they had all gathered to say goodbye to 'The Princess of the 21st Century', as the media had romantically dubbed her. Friends, family and boyfriends – and of those there were many – had come to the service. But what of the princess?

Anyone who read the news would have known that her beautiful ebony casket, lined with the most luxurious plush velvet in the color of the inside of a seashell, was empty. The body of Lara Lake was nowhere to be found. According to the experts, it was gone already, eaten by ocean fish.

That is, if she was truly dead.

She could just as well be strolling down the streets of a metropolitan city, swinging the newest sensational handbag on the arm of a beautiful foreigner, her dark hair swishing behind her.

That is, if she was truly alive.

Truth be told, nobody really knew where Lara Lake – or her body – was. Nobody but perhaps one person,, hands in handcuffs, but head lifted proudly, as if to prove his innocence.

»Do you think he really did it?« whispered an elderly lady to a red-haired younger woman standing next to her. The lady was a gossip, though she would never confess it herself, and had taken it upon herself to drive from two towns over to observe the drama of the memorial service. She peeked at her neighbour curiously, wondering who she was and what her relation was to Lara, for whom she had taken a greater interest than she ever had in her grandchildren. However, she only saw a petite, painfully slim figure clad in elegant black clothing, complete with long leather gloves and a wide-brimmed hat, even though it was quite warm outside. She did, however, spot just a few tendrils of flame red curls escaping from her tight chignon. Curiously, she tried to decipher her familiar face, but fell short, as the woman's face was almost completely obscured by large cat eye sunglasses.

The woman looked at her with disgust and motioned for her to stay quiet and the elderly lady hushed and bowed her head, slightly ashamed of her question. The redhead used the time to sneak a peek at the man in question.

Truthfully, she had been thinking the exact same thing – was Lucas Lacroix really to blame? It was the obvious thing to assume, as he was the late Lara's boyfriend at the time, one with whom she was known to have quite the turbulent relationship. The fact that he would not talk about the night she disappeared only served to provide further suspicion.

»I do,« the woman finally whispered back and the lady raised her head, surprised to hear a response. They were in the middle of a mass and they were standing at the very front of the church, as a huge mass had gathered to say their goodbyes, some of them spilling outside the building and into the street. The lady had managed to score a good view by arriving hours earlier, and she wondered how the redhead had gotten such a good spot. Now encouraged by her response, she turned her body slightly toward the mysterious woman.

Whispering conspirationally, the lady added: »Such a beautiful, talented girl. Such a life to be wasted is a crime in itself!«

Disregarding her words and clearly looking for someone to share her opinions with, the younger woman whispered: »He is a murderer and a criminal. Life imprisonment would not do it for him, I hope for the death sentence.«

The lady looked up in suprise to see a look of steely determination on the readhead's face and was surprised by the intensity of her words. Sneaking another peek at Lucas, she was not quite sure what to make of her words. Surely such a handsome, bright young man could not be capable of something as gruesome as murder? One look at his chiselled face, his bright greyish blue eyes and that dark mass of hair, was all it took for her to be completely smitten. But apparently, she was in the minority.

»I hope they punish him,« the redhead whispered with such venom in her voice, the lady looked at her, surprised. »I hope they stick him in an isolation chamber for life.«

Her voice wavered slightly and was raised to be a bit worrying of volume, and the lady nervously looked around her. A few people had already turned to look at them, including a pair she instantly recognized as Lara's parents. She gasped.

»I hope they fucking NEUTER HIM-«

»And NOW,« announced the vicar, worried by the murmur that had begun. »For a reading from our beloved's best friend, Eva Garrard.«

The older lady looked around her to see this girl, and she gasped in shock as the figure of the woman beside her stood up with pursed lips and made her way to the altar. That was Eva Garrard?

Pushing the black veil from face, Eva removed her sunglasses, revealing a beautiful face flawed only by her bitter expression. A silence fell over the church as she removed a piece of paper from her jacket and straightened it out before her.

»Roses are red,« she began, her voice strong and full of hate as she looked into the paper, almost burning a hole into it with her gaze.

»Red like the blood,« she continued as a few gasps from the audience rang out.

»The blood that you spilled... « Now she crumpled the paper in her hands into a tiny ball and raised her poisonous gaze to meet that of Lucas, who was looking defiantly at her.

»As you killed, killed, KILLED!«

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Re: Porcelain Girl

PrispevekNapisal/-a Ever » 22 avg 2013, 14:03

Zanimivo :thumbup: :thumbup:
"She was fascinated with words. To her, words were things of beauty, each like a magical powder or potion that could be combined with other words to create powerful spells."

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Re: Porcelain Girl

PrispevekNapisal/-a Karou » 22 avg 2013, 14:26

Se mi zdi, da je zelo obetaven začetek :thumbup:
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